Boudewijn de Geer


Boudewijn de Geer Boudewijn de Geer on the right
FC Den Haag v Atvidaberg (12-07-1973)************Training 1973 vlnr: Thijs Wijngaarde,Tsjeula Ling, Cees Bregman
                                                                                                    Johnny Dusbaba, Hugo Lochtenberg, Evert Teunissen, Boudewijn de Geer

Boudewijn de Geer has started his professional career at FC Den Haag

in July 1973.
He left for Haarlem in January 1976.
His career from the start at HVV until now:
HVV (Den Haag) from July 1960 until June 1968 (youthteams)
ADO (Den Haag) from July 1968 until Juni 1973 (youthteams)
FC Den Haag from July 1973 until December 1975
FC Haarlem from January 1976 until June 1977
Molde FK (Norway) from July 1977 until october 1977
Lillestrom SK (Norway) from November 1977 until June 1979
Hercules Alicante (Spain) from July 1979 until June 1980
De Graafschap from July 1980 until June 1981
Brisbane Lions (Australia) from January 1983 until September 1983

De Geer Scores

Playing for Hercules Alicante
Penalties FC Den Haag v Roda JC (1975)********Young Mexico v Hercules Alicante in Azteca Stadium Aug'79
During his career he has played for:
Haagsche (The Hague) Youth team from 1968 until 1972
Dutch Youth team in 1973/1974
He has played European Cup Matches and Intertoto League for both
FC Den Haag and Lillestrom SK

"Boudy" at Brisbane Lions in Australia

Training at Hercules Alicante
******At Brisbane Lions 1983***********************Training Hercules Alicante in Leon Mexico July 1979
H.B.S. (Den Haag) from July 1984 until June 1986
A.S.C. (Oestgeest) from July 1986 until June 1991
H.B.S. (Den Haag) from July 1991 until June 1993
Quick (Den Haag) from July 1993 until now
A.S.C. (Oestgeest) from July 1986 until June 1998
Delfia (Delft) from July 1988 until June 1989
R.C.H. (Heemstede) from July 1989 until June 1990
ADO (Den Haag) from July 1990 until June 1991
H.B.S. (Den Haag) from July 1991 until June 1993
Blauw-Zwart (Wassenaar) from July 1993 until June 1994
Quick (Den Haag) from July 1994 until June 1996
R.C.L. (Leiderdorp) from July 1997 until June 1998
Quick (Den Haag) from July 1999 until June 2001
trainer ADO aug1990 Trainer Quick September 2000
trainer ADO (aug 1990)                      trainer Quick (sep 2000)